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Ours is a time of rapidly expanding possibilities for transformation. A few hundred years ago, only scant options existed for the person who sought healing: prayer, potions, a visit to a sacred place, exorcism. All of these required that the person be demonstrably sick. Now thousands of techniques abound, and we do not even have to be “sick” in order to get better. With such a dizzying array to choose from, how is the student to decide what to study? How does the prospective client know whether the given approach or practitioner will empty the ego, or simply the wallet?
A distinguishing feature of Breathwork method is that it produces reliable results from the very first time you try it. Regardless whether it’s in a private session, class or even now, one of the Live Online Classes available at

Breathwork Meditation | Breathe With JP - breathwork exercises & Breathe training Los Angeles
Anyone who has experienced breathwork or any of the variations described below will share with you what a powerful experience it is. One of the most amazing things is that the experience is a little different every single time you do it. That’s because it’s transforming you throughout the process.
Breathwork has to be one of the most powerful catalysts of transformation available in this era. There are many positives that you can take from Breathwork such as:

  1. Breathwork releases unresolved emotions held in the body.
  2. Breathwork increases the amount of positive energy a person can handle.
  3. Breathwork allows the person to focus on, and ultimately master, the problem of resistance to positive energy, which can be considered the fundamental psycho spiritual problem.
  4. Breathwork can clear the effects of birth trauma. Since the difficulties of birth are associated with the person’s first breath, breathing is the most efficient way to access birth issues.
  5. Breathwork gives more access to positive feelings.
  6. Ultimately, breathwork can connect the person to the boundless trans personal dimension of life, to unity, and to a sense of kinship with oneself, others and the universe.Types of Breathwork

There are many different types of breathwork. Some are more well-known and practiced more widely than others. Although each form has unique elements or therapeutic goals, they all have many areas of overlap. In general, almost every form uses the breath as a means of accessing suppressed trauma in order to facilitate healing at the deepest level.

The most common types of breathwork include:

  • Clarity Breathwork
  • Holotropic Breathwork
  • Integrative Breathwork
  • Radiance Breathwork
  • Rebirthing Breathwork
  • Reichian Breathwork
  • Shamanic Breathwork
  • Transformational Breathwork
  • Vivation Breathwork
  • Zen Yoga Breathwork

Following is a brief description of each type of breathwork:

Breathe Meditation | Breathe With JP - breathwork exercises & Breathe training Los Angeles

Clarity Breathwork– enables you to access your subconscious mind, gaining a new level of self-awareness and clarity that often doesn’t occur in traditional therapy. Clarity Breathwork can bring about a powerful cellular transformation, as circular breathing, intuitive counseling and somatic exploration are incorporated into the process.

Holotropic Breathwork –The goal of this altered state of consciousness is to bring unconscious issues into awareness. This would enable participants to work through them and experience healing.

Integral Breathwork – Often referred to as a “new world paradigm” with regards to breathwork, Integral Breathwork combines the calming impact of Optimal Breathing with transformational breathwork. Optimal Breathing involves a less intense, less risky, and gentler technique that leads to an altered state of consciousness.

Radiance Breathwork – Psychologist and author Gay Hendriks, along with his wife Kathlyn, gradually developed the breathwork technique over several years, as part of what came to be known as body-centered therapy.

Rebirthing Breathwork – Perhaps one of the most well-known forms of breathwork. In rebirthing Breathwork, clients are instructed to lie down while relaxing their body and breathing as usual. Once they’re relaxed, they use circular breathing which allows them to access and release unresolved trauma and other issues. This leads to transformational healing.

Reichian Breathwork– involves a breathing technique that unlocks the unconscious mind by altering the carbon dioxide to oxygen ratio of the air flowing in and out of the body. The problematic blocks are brought into conscious awareness, enabling you to finally release them. Once released, healing can begin and vitality starts to return as energy now flows freely throughout your body. Reichian Breathwork is widely practiced in countries across the globe. Practitioners include psychologist and other mental health professionals, physicians, chiropractors, and many other healthcare professionals who specialize in mind-body healing methods.

Shamanic Breathwork – This form of breathwork involves a combination of movement, chakra-attuned music, specific breathing methods, and introspection. Similar to other forms of breathwork, the goal is to shift into a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This allows access to the emotional blocks so that healing can occur at the deepest level. One of the more unique aspects of Shamanic Breathwork is the use of mandala artwork and other types of modern-day

Transformational Breathwork– is one of the most effective forms of breathwork being practiced today. The elements of Transformational Breathwork include an elegant and unique blend of body mapping, Kundalini Yoga, breath analysis, metaphysics, and other powerful forms of physical and spiritual healing.

Vivation Breathwork– focuses on healing all trauma, not just the trauma experienced at birth. Also, this approach to breathwork isn’t designed to eliminate negative emotions by releasing them. Rather, all emotions – both negative and positive – are regarded as having value. Vivation Breathwork helps you resolve and integrate your emotions in a way that promotes happiness and well-being.

Zen Yoga Breathwork – This is, perhaps, more appropriately classified as a specific type of yoga rather than a distinct form of breathwork. However, the emphasis on proper breathing makes it worthy of inclusion. Gentle stretching, meditation, flowing movement, and mindful breathwork help reduce stress and promote serenity. Zen Yoga can improve circulation, increase flexibility, and alleviate chronic pain – in addition to its countless other physical and psychological benefits.
Breathwork Meditation | Breathe With JP - Breathe training & breathwork exercises Los Angeles

Benefits of Breathwork

Perhaps one of the most impressive aspects of breathwork is the long list of potential benefits that many people report after experiencing it. For most individuals, the benefits they receive extend far beyond just psychological and emotional improvement or healing. Many people report significant benefits in terms of their physical health as well. Cognitive and spiritual benefits are also frequently reported by those who participate in this unique type of therapy. Although many – if not most – of the potential benefits listed below are associated with breathwork in general, some benefits are more frequently associated with one or two specific types of breathwork.

Potential benefits of breathwork include:

  • An overall sense of “lightness”
  • Inner peace and tranquility
  • Emotional healing
  • Greater clarity (e.g. regarding purpose, life goals, what’s really important)
  • A profound sense of calm
  • Feeling more grounded and centered
  • Significant reduction in anxiety
  • Clearer head
  • A deeper or renewed sense of connection – to self, others, nature, and the Universe or higher power
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Improved motivation / less procrastination
  • Less stress / improved ability to effectively handle stress
  • A sense of empowerment and inner strength
  • Being more in touch with one’s intuition
  • More fulfilling relationships with others
  • Improved communication
  • Reduction in muscle tension
  • Greater freedom of movement
  • Decrease in physical pain
  • More positive, optimistic outlook
  • Improved mood/decrease in symptoms of depression
  • Increased energy
  • Better sleep/alleviation of insomnia and other sleep disturbances
  • Elimination of limiting beliefs
  • More joy
  • Improved breathing
  • Increased or revived libido
  • Greater ability to concentrate and focus
  • Greater self-acceptance and self-love
  • More positive body image
  • Greater strength in the midst of adversity
  • Release of chronic, toxic emotions (e.g. grudges, resentment, self-loathing, anger)
  • Greater capacity for forgiveness
  • Deeper connection to one’s spiritual self
  • Healing of unresolved grief
  • Elimination of bad habits
  • Healing of deep childhood wounds, particularly those related to abandonment and rejection
  • Improved creativity
  • Improved performance in various areas of life
  • Feeling more “alive”
  • Improved immune functioning
  • Enjoy life and experience pleasure more deeply
  • Improved self-reliance
  • Greater ability to quickly let go of negative emotions when they appear
  • Improved circulation
  • Decrease in “death anxiety”

The underlying premise of breathwork is that negative emotions from trauma and other painful experiences are often suppressed. Left unresolved, they can cause a variety of problems in your life, including unwanted behaviors, troubling symptoms, and full-blown disorders or conditions. Most types of breathwork are designed to naturally induce an altered state of consciousness that enables you to access these suppressed memories and emotional blocks. Once accessed, they can finally be resolved and either released or integrated in a beneficial way. Many people who used breathwork have experienced fast results and greatly enhanced their overall sense of well-being. So, come experience some come try it for yourself by going to and experience a new way of living life, less stress, and more enjoyment.