Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Certified Breathwork Facilitator

Everyone needs a way to unplug from the chaos and insanity of this modern world; if you’re looking for a safe and natural experience that doesn’t involve prescription drugs or far out methods requiring feats of strength or ‘mind over matter’ mantras, breathwork is the perfect solution. You can take live online breathing lessons with a certified breathwork facilitator and recharge from the comfort of your home. Breathwork with Jon Paul Crimi is an enjoyable experience that can truly change your life.

5 Tips for Selecting the Right Certified Breathwork Facilitator

1. Look for an instructor who is down to earth; the fact is, not all instructors offering lessons to breathe are grounded in the correct breathing practices. Take a few minutes and review the information on Jon Paul’s website to see why so many of his clients return weekly for ongoing classes and basic breathing workshops to become breathwork facilitators, themselves.

2. Sign up for a single class instead of purchasing more costly packages that include multiple breathwork sessions. Get your feet wet with one of Jon Paul’s classes that cost just $29 to take the course alone, or $39 if you plan to take the course with a friend or group of people. Upcoming Live Online Breathwork Classes include:

  • Breathwork For Happiness & Joy
  • Breathwork for Relationships
  • Breathwork For Self-Care, Self-Live, & Self-Acceptance

Gift someone special an online breathwork class by purchasing a gift certificate from the sign-up page.

3. If you are looking online for information on how to become a breathing instructor, you may feel confused when met with so much conflicting information. You should know that not all breathing lessons are just for learning how to breathe- some instructors have left the path and corrupted the purity and integrity of true breathwork in an effort to create a name for themselves. You don’t have to perform physical anomalies such as immersing yourself in ice water or holding your breath for five minutes to do breathwork correctly. Follow Jon Paul’s lead and you’ll be off to a great start.

4. When you find an instructor you feel comfortable working with, stay with them. You could waste a lot of time and money switching from one certified breathwork facilitator to another; once you’ve found a program that works for you, dive in with both feet and forge ahead.

5. If you feel uncomfortable, out-of-sorts, or in any way forced to do something that doesn’t set well with you, find a new instructor. The goal of breathwork is to leave the experience with less weight on your shoulders, less heaviness of heart, less baggage and negative emotional pull on your life.

Jon Paul’s online breathing classes are an affordable way to free yourself from all of the junk life bombards you with on a daily basis. We all need this, especially in light of what’s going on in the world today. If you have questions about breathing lessons or need assistance registering for one of Jon Paul’s upcoming sessions, feel free to contact Breathe With JP at 310-625-6751.


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