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What is Breathwork Certification?

All certifications and even college degrees for that matter are a piece of paper that states you’ve completed some type of curriculum or training that someone else has created. I’ve trained with lots of people in the Breathwork field and I’m grateful for all I’ve learned. But from a practical standpoint most of my education did not apply to actually taking people through Breathwork sessions and leading classes.

The majority of it was self-development which is necessary but didn’t actually answer the important questions. A good amount of my education was pure nonsense and had zero to do with anything applicable. Still, I learned from all of it and it taught me how I would create my own Breathwork Certification trainings where everything you do has the end goal in mind. All my transformational exercises have more than one purpose. I also pride myself on answering any question, because I often found it hard to get straight answers. I will answer all your questions and if I don’t know I will get you an answer form someone who does.

I have attended Breathwork classes where the teacher didn’t tell the class any of the intense physical, mental, and emotional things that could take place. I believe making people new to Breathwork feel safe is the most important part of the Breathwork Teacher’s job. You will leave my trainings with the specific framework and tools I’ve spent years developing from giving thousands of privates, as well as, sold out classes. I actually give you a clear and concise print-out detailing everything that you need from what you say at the beginning of a class to how to close a session.  In this cell-phone social media short attention span age you only have a number of minutes to grab an audience’s full attention I give you the tools to achieve that every time.

What is required to receive a Breathwork Teacher Certification

I have two separate trainings, each are two days. You must take both trainings to get certified. The trainings are always on the weekend (Saturday & Sunday from 9am-5:30pm.) The two trainings are “Basic’s & One-on-One” and “How to Lead Couples & Groups” After you’ve completed BOTH trainings you’ll receive your Breathwork Teacher Certification at the end of your second training. Note: You can do these trainings in either order. You can also do one Live in-Person and one Online to receive your certification. You can also do them both online to recevie a certifcation. This is great for people traveling long distances. Please let us know via email if this is your intention at breathewithjp@gmail.com (Note: there is an $100 certification fee if the trainings are done online)

In-between the trainings, I like for students to assist or help “Hold Space” in at least two classes with either myself or one of my other students that are leading classes. This provides my students with valuable experience. (This is no longer mandatory as people come to the trainings from all over the world, but it’s a must to get to see all the different types of things that can happen and prepare you for when you start leading sessions and classes.

I actually encourage that in-between trainings you practice with your friends,  family or coworkers to gain experience so you can take that knowledge with you into the second training.  Plus, it will bring up questions that I can answer once you have been out in the field. (Note: I don’t encourage leading a large group until you’ve done both trainings,  but sessions and small classes will be amazing practice.)