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Pre-Class Suggestions

Show up a few minutes before class and get yourself settled in before class. When you come in late and scattered it’s distracting to everyone and you don’t get the most out of the experience.

Dress comfortably; removable layers are ideal.

Don’t eat anything 2-3 hours before. If you must eat make it something light and something that will stabilize your blood sugar. Drink water beforehand and especially afterwards.

Don’t have any expectation. Just show up.

Post-Class Answers

Drink water and enjoy the feeling from all your hard work.

What was that song you played?

Go to my Spotify HERE and the playlist from class will be listed by the class venue and date.

What was that thing you read at the end of class?

I read a few different things and you can find them all here: Words of Wisdom

When can you do this again?

Tomorrow if you want. Make a playlist and do it. Or go to my Spotify and use one of mine. Go to my iTunes and download my guided Breathwork Albums or look at my calendar and see when my next class is. Schedule a private with me at my private studio.