Breathwork Teacher Training In-Person Dates

Teaching is a work of heart.

All Live In-person Trainings are Held in Los Angeles

COVID UPDATE: We will be offering in-person breathwork teacher training starting in July 2021 in Calabasas, CA

best in-person breathwork teacher training - teacher training dates

Upcoming In-Person Trainings:

July 17th & 18th, 2021: “Basics & One-on-One”

September 18th & 19th, 2021: “How to Lead Couples & Groups”

Note: you can do the trainings in either order. You can also do one training live in-person and the other one Online and receive a certification that way. (This works well for people traveling from long distances. Please email us if your intention is to do one in person and one online at breathewithjp@gmail.com

You must do both trainings to receive a certification from Jon Paul (Note: A certificate is not required to teach breathwork).

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Best In Person Breathwork Teacher Training - Basics One-on-One
Best In Person Breathwork Teacher Training -How to lead couples and groups

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