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Breathwork Teacher Training (How to work with Couples & Groups)

April 7th & 8th 2018

Certain people see teaching Breathwork as a calling. I have held sold-out classes all over Los Angeles, and in those classes, most attendees have a powerful experience. After a Breathwork class, there are always people who come up to me and ask, “How can I learn to teach this?”

In their personal Breathwork session, they feel called to do this work. I know how this sounds – like some hippie, New Age talk, but if you’ve taken my class, you know that’s not my style. I never thought I would be doing this work, yet here I am.

In my life, the results of Breathwork are undeniable.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is an active meditation that, I like to say, is great for people who can’t meditate—which is most people.


I’ve poured a lot of time and energy into creating something special, something that will help people not only transform their lives, but will also show them how to help transform other peoples’ lives in the process.


If you are ready for a life-changing experience, I am excited to be your guide. I will share with you what I learned from some of the best teachers in the world, as well as what I know from my own experience teaching hundreds of sold-out classes.


Each of my Breathwork Teacher Trainings is an intimate experience, which ensures a deep, powerful connection and a supportive learning environment.


I feel amazing after I take someone through a Breathwork Session. When I lead a class, I like I am on another level and am connected to my highest self … my best self. You will feel the same.


In this two-day intensive Breathwork Teacher Training, you will learn how to:


  • Guide a Couples Session and watch a relationship transform in front of your eyes.


  • Find out what tetany is (Lobster claws) and how to prevent it from happening to your students.


  • You will gain confidence in your ability to explain the Breathwork Technique to a group.


  • You will learn how to answer the questions people have before and after a Breathwork session.


  • We will discuss how to deal with certain challenges that can come up when you have a group of people who are all clearing different traumas at the same time.


  • You will find your voice as a Teacher and use your own story and experiences to inspire others to do the work and show up for themselves.


  • Comfort, calm, and hold space for students having an emotional breakthrough while still guiding the rest of the class.


We will do exercises that focus on your personal transformation. A lot of the exercises will help you clear anything that blocks you from being your authentic self and will also help you operate from a place of trust and true confidence. These exercises will help you grow and transform, and as a result of your personal transformation, you will then be able to help and lead others.


Things you and your clients may experience as a result of practicing Breathwork:

  • Deep healing of wounds, griefand traumas
  • Release undigested emotions and memories
  • Release toxins from the cells of the body
  • Generate greater self-love and more loving relationships
  • Lead to Emotional Balance
  • Feel overwhelming joy
  • Discover the ability to manifest greater abundance
  • Feel relief from physical pain
  • Find deep, inner peace
  • Feel massive stress relief and deep relaxation
  • Feel increased connection to source
  • Transcend the mind and emotions and support an internal awakening
  • Break free of old patterns and behaviors
  • Quiet the internal critic
  • Feel a massive connection to creativity and confidence
  • Access expanded states of consciousness, including higher guidance and clarity


Details on what to bring and  how to sign up:

Bring a pen and water. A cushion or Backjack is also recommended (we have mats & blankets). Light snacks will be provided at the morning break, and you’ll have a one-hour lunch break each day. We are located near many restaurants, or you can bring a lunch and eat at the venue if you prefer.

Date: April 7th & 8th from 9:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. (Includes a morning break and one hour lunch)

Total Cost for this Course – $565 per person. (Total Cost)

A deposit of $300 non-refundable deposit required to reserve a spot. Space is limited. The remaining balance of $265 due April 6th.

This sold out early so I’m moving locations to add a few more spaces! Sign up soon.
Location (In Los Angeles) to be announced a week prior to the training. 
For any questions or to sign up, email at:

Deposit can be paid via PayPal (Please send “Friends & Family” if you use this option) at: http://PayPal.Me/totallifesolution

Or Venmo JonPaul-Crimi at:

You can pay by phone with a credit card for an additional 4% charge.


Phone: 310-625-6751