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Why Do My Hands Curl When I’m Hyperventilating During Breathwork?

  30.04.2018   blog posts jon paul   No comments

Why Do My Hands Curl When I’m Hyperventilating During Breathwork?   Jon Paul Crimi, Tanya GK Bentley, PhD During active breathwork practices, some people experience hyperventilation and their hands curl

Jon Paul Crimi in Los Angeles Magazine

  2.11.2017   Press   No comments

I Was Told That Breathwork Turns Your Hands Into Lobster Claws and Eviscerates Your Soul…It did October 12, 2017 by Andrew Dubbins Ten minutes into my first breathwork class I felt a

Breathwork to Release Anxiety and Trauma

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People suffering from extreme stress, anxiety, overwhelm, trauma, grief or confusion can reach a beautiful state of profound stillness and exquisite peace; even bliss in a very short time through

Holistic Breathing – How to Breathe Better

Breathwork is the art and science of applying breath awareness exercises and holistic breathing techniques as a bridge, a force, and a tool for health, growth, and change—in spirit, mind,

Breathwork for the Treatment of Addiction & Alcoholism

If you take away one thing from this article, it’s that Breathwork is the single best tool I’ve ever found in treatment for Addiction and Alcoholism besides the 12 Steps.

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