Becoming a Breathwork teacher is a powerful decision that will not only impact your life, but the lives of people who participate in the Breathwork classes that you will lead.

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Why I lead Breathwork Teacher Trainings

My life’s purpose is to share the powerful life changing results that Breathwork brings to as many people as humanly possible. Why? Because it has done so much for me personally and at the end of my life I will have no doubt that my time on this planet has had meaning and purpose by helping other people get from of all of their stuff (Trauma, Self-Judgment, and Negativity)

What Breathwork Therapy does and Breathwork Benefits

I always tell people in my classes what would you do with your life if you had no critic in your head telling you couldn’t do something or become something. We all suffer from “I’m not enough” In some way or some area we all feel inadequate. I’ve be fortunate enough to work with some of the wealthiest and most well known people on the planet and they suffer from this more than you can believe. That’s often why most of them are so driven to be successful.

The Breathwork I teach clears out this lie that we are not enough. Then you can get to work on what it is you want to accomplish or just go about your day feeling good about yourself and your life. Walking around not having anxiety, depression, anger, low-self-esteem and a million other shitty unwanted feeling will undoubtedly change you and your life.

The best way for me to help as many people as I can experience the tremendous transformational shifts that come from Breathwork is to create more Certified Breathwork Teachers, Certified Breathwork Facilators, or Certified Breathwork Guides. They’re all the same to me, and we need more of them in the world.

Is Breathwork Teacher Training for me?

When I first started doing Breathwork Teacher Trainings I actually wasn’t interested in becoming a Breathwork Teacher. I was taking all the various Breathwork trainings available because I was fascinated with my own personal results and having these incredible experiences that we’re completely transforming me from the inside out and I wanted to understand more about what was going on.

I’m not a huge believer in “Healers” I think people heal themselves and I believe that Breathwork is the fastest way to access your own healing.

With all that said, I’ve had people come to my trainings that have never done a single session of Breathwork they just heard me on a podcast or read about it online.  I also get students, who after their first Breathwork session knew they had a calling to do this work. And not surprisingly, those people have gone on to share this work and change lives.

What you can expect in my Breathwork Facilitor Trainings

My Breathwork Teacher Trainings are the trainings I wish I would have taken. I’ve eliminated the Woo Woo, New Agey, Overly Spiritual talk and deliver clear concise instructions on what, why, and how to lead people through a session or class. I literality give you step-by-step instructions on what to do from the moment someone contacts you.

We also do some personal transformation work during the trainings so that you can teach from the experience of your own transformation through breathwork and not just what I’ve taught you.

Why you don’t need to study Breathwork for years or do six-hundred hours of training that include thirty Modules with never-ending payments.

I’ve had people actually come to my class and then go and start their own class copying my class exactly and had success. While I do not recommend this for a number of reasons it also belabors the point that you don’t need years of training to get started.

Many of the Breathwork teachers out there want you to study forever, do a bunch of levels that cost a ton of money. Then they also want to control how and what you do and even take a cut of your earnings.

I believe it’s important for future teachers to do a lot of Breathwork on their own (daily being the best and fastest way to transform your own life so you can help others more easily). Having your own personal transformation through this work is the most powerful way to show that you are practicing what you preach.

What you’ll learn in my trainings is the important essentials and things to watch out for that are problematic in sessions and classes. That’s why I offer only two, two-day training programs to get a certification. Read more about my certification here: Breathwork Certification

I hope this has offered some clarity on if Breathwork Teacher Training is for you and if I am the right person to help lead you on that path.

These breathwork trainings are sometimes called “Transformational breathing training or Breathworks Teacher Trainings as well. If you’re interested in my experiences with the various other types of Breathwork Teacher Training click here: Types of Breathwork

Breathwork Training

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