Live Online Breathwork Classes

“That felt like 20 years of therapy without saying a word!”
– Most commonly heard statement after JP’s Breathwork Class

Why and How to do Live Online Breathwork Classes

live online breathwork classes with jon paul crimi - best breathwork training

We all have “stuff” and what most of us don’t realize is that we’ve been storing it (pushing it down) in our bodies, and it comes out at inopportune times and ugly ways. Sometimes it will manifest itself as some kind of health problem. We now know that stress causes heart disease, autoimmune disease, depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, gastrointestinal problems and so on…

What if I told you that there is a breathing technique that will clear out all of this stored negative emotional baggage from your body? Not only that, but you will feel the release happen in the very first session.

The results afterwards will be undeniable.

Live online Breathwork Classes with Jon Paul Crimi

This Experience is Just as Powerful Online, and in Some Ways Even More Powerful.

Here’s Why:

  • It’s easier for people to let go of all their stuff when they’re home in their safe space.
  • You can lay there and enjoy the payoff for as long as you like.
  • There is no else around to distract you.
  • Me personally coaching you through your headphones or speakers.
  • You don’t have to drive afterwards.
  • We all need this badly right now

How to Set Up Your Space for The Breathwork Class

NOTE: If it’s your first time doing a Live Online Breathwork Class, don’t wait until the time the class is scheduled to read these instructions. If you do, you’ll be late and miss important information you need to do the breathing technique correctly.

  1. Download the Zoom app to your computer or device if you don’t already have it installed. Sign into the class at least 15 minutes early (don’t wait until the last minute- you may have technical difficulties or experience trouble logging on).
  2. Set up your computer so that it’s next to your space. Headphones are ideal if you’re solo. If you’re doing it with other people, I suggest connecting to external speakers if you have them. For the best experience please make sure that you are in a room with the best Internet connection speeds (close to your WiFi router).
  3. If this is your first time doing Breathwork, I suggest setting up the computer so I can see you from the waist up when you’re lying down. Have the light on in the room so I can see if you’re doing the breathing technique correctly. You can turn the camera off if you feel more comfortable. Also, if your internet connection is bad, turning the camera off may help.
  4. Write your name and your location in your Zoom box. It’s inspiring to connect and do this with people all over the planet.
  5. Set up a yoga mat, blanket or whatever you want to lay on. I’ve done it on planes, beaches, and hotel room floors, so anything works. Don’t make excuses.
  6. An eye mask, eye pillow, or facecloth to cover your eyes is really helpful for a lot of people to help let go.
  7. It’s ideal to do Breathwork when your stomach is not too full, so I suggest not eating anything at least two hours prior to the session if possible. It still works if you’ve eaten, it’s just best not to have giant cheeseburger right before.
  8. Show up fully for the session. Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can be lazy.

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