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Breathwork in the HEAL Hay House Online Summit

Breathwork is the most healing thing I’ve ever done and I’ve done a ton of healing work. I encourage every single person to try Breathwork, especially with Jon Paul Crimi.

Psychedelic Breathing – Is The Experience Of Breathwork Similar To Psychedelics?

Why psychedelic breathing is better than LSD or other psychedelics. A Brief History of Breathwork The adjustment of the breath has been employed for 1000’s of years by cultures and

Breathwork for Clearing Trauma – What You Need to Know

Deep Breaths… Take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Just breathe. Those three phrases are ones we’ve all heard before throughout our lives, and with good reason. Breathing is

Why Do My Hands Curl When I’m Hyperventilating During Breathwork?

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Why Do My Hands Curl When I’m Hyperventilating During Breathwork?   Jon Paul Crimi, Tanya GK Bentley, PhD During active breathwork practices, some people experience hyperventilation and their hands curl

Breathe in Bali Retreat Yoga – Meditation – Breathwork

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Breathe in Bali Retreat    Yoga – Meditation – Breathwork Sept 16 -22nd 2018 This is a once in a lifetime experience that you will cherish forever! This is a yoga,

Breathwork & Yoga Weekend at Brasada Ranch Bend Oregon Feb 23rd-25th 2018

Renowned Breathwork teacher, Jon Paul Crimi, and Bend Yogini, Kristin Tone, invite you to open your body, your mind and your heart – your passion and your vitality – while

Jon Paul Crimi on The Brooke Burke Show

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Listen to Jon Paul on The Brooke Burke Show: http://brookeburkeshow.libsyn.com/episode-18-jon-paul-crimi

Jon Paul Crimi on The Exploding Human Podcast with Bob Nickman

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Listen to the Podcast here:  http://theexplodinghuman.libsyn.com/episode-11-jon-paul-crimi-breathwork

Jon Paul Crimi Interview in VoyageLA

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VoyageLA Magazine  Today we’d like to introduce you to Jon Paul Crimi. Jon Paul, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the

Jon Paul Crimi in Los Angeles Magazine

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I Was Told That Breathwork Turns Your Hands Into Lobster Claws and Eviscerates Your Soul…It did October 12, 2017 by Andrew Dubbins Ten minutes into my first breathwork class I felt a

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