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“Somehow despite a built-in aversion to new-agey type things I found myself at Jon Paul’s Breathwork class and I’m lucky I did because it’ was a great experience. Memorable, useful and Important.”

~ Owen Wilson via The Hollywood Reporter

“I hate Breathwork and Jon Paul (Kidding) but if you must do Breathwork make sure you do it with Jon Paul.”

~ Matthew Perry via The Hollywood Reporter


Breathwork in the HEAL Hay House Online Summit
22, October

Breathwork is the most healing thing I’ve ever done and I’ve done a ton of healing work. I

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Comparing Breathwork to Psychadelics – Is the experience similar?
02, November

Why Breathwork is better than LSD or other psychedelics. A Brief History of Breathwork The adjustment of the

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Breathwork Teacher Training “Basics & One-on-one” January 12 & 13th 2019
24, October

Breathwork Teacher Training “Basic’s & One-on-One” January 12 & 13th 2019 Certain people see teaching Breathwork as a

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