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“Leave your anger, fear and ego at the door. Opening myself up to the idea of Breathwork has allowed another level of clarity. Commit to yourself and take the first breath.”

Wil D.

“I was doubtful that Breathwork would actually do anything, but wow was I wrong. I felt more centered and in gratitude after and couldn’t wait to do more. It has definitely changed my outlook on life for the better.”

Ryan B.


Comparing Breathwork to Psychadelics – Is the experience similar?
02, November

Why Breathwork is better than LSD or other psychedelics. A Brief History of Breathwork The adjustment of the

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Breathwork Teacher Training “Basics & One-on-one” January 12 & 13th 2019
24, October

Breathwork Teacher Training “Basic’s & One-on-One” January 12 & 13th 2019 Certain people see teaching Breathwork as a

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Breathwork for Clearing Trauma – What You Need to Know
05, October

Deep Breaths… Take a deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. Just breathe. Those three phrases are ones we’ve

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